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Broome and the Kimberley – Western Australia
  • Eco Beach Eco Beach
  • a perfect Cable Beach sunset a perfect Cable Beach sunset
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A Quick Glance

Destination(s) Broome and the Kimberley – Western Australia

Duration 7 days

Traveller(s) Friends

Trip highlight Eco Beach, Lake Argyle, Broome, Kununurra, Bungle Bungles

Travel Advisor Josie McPaul

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I had never even considered visiting the far north of Australia but when I finally landed in the Kimberley, it was as if someone had been keeping a great big secret from me and I had finally found out what it was...

There were so many things which made this an amazing trip so it is better to give you a list of what was REALLY special:

At El Questro Station - Sundowner drinks on the old airstrip.  Linen tablecloths, cheese and nibbles and champagne, interesting commentary and conversation with Chilli (the best ranger on the station without doubt), all under the clear Kimberley night sky and all those amazing stars in the Milky was totally brilliant.

From Kununurra -  A drive of 70kms to Lake Argyle – Australia’s largest body of inland fresh water, in fact it is technically an inland sea, it is so covers over 900 square kilometres and in the wet, will hold something like 85 Sydney Harbours of water!  Then off to the lake itself and into a boat for a 55km cruise (sometimes slow and sometimes at quite high speed) along the Ord River from the Ord River Dam Wall back to Kununurra.  This takes about 3 hours or maybe a bit more because you stop in scenic spots to feed the fish, look at the gorges, try and spot ‘freshies’ (crocodiles) and drink champagne..

The Bungle Bungles - The Purnululu National Park covers such a huge area and I did not realise that it was only ‘discovered’ (ie by white people) in 1983!  The beehive domes are fascinating to look at with their orange and black stripes and strange shapes, and the complex network of narrow gorges which run between them can only truly be appreciated from the air... which is why I did the helicopter flight on a 4 person chopper with no doors and it was scary as hell but totally amazing and it was my third highlight of the trip.  If I am completely honest, I think it was even better than the Grand Canyon!

In Broome -  Finishing up an exhausting day with sundowners on Cable Beach. Far down the beach outside of town – along with virtually every resident of Broome and environs... there were hundreds of 4WDs, cars, trucks, barbecues, dogs, kids, eskies, all over the beach, but everyone had their own space and once the sun started to set over the ocean, it was almost completely silent while people just sat and watched... what a fabulous way to end the day!