Be my Guest - Lake Como

Lake Como - Italy
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  • Natalie your Guest Ambassador Natalie your Guest Ambassador
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Destination(s) Lake Como - Italy

Duration 4 Days

Traveller(s) Couple

Trip highlight Lake Como, Delicious Food and great guests

Travel Advisor Tracey Ne

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A day in my life as your personal Guest Ambassador is rewarding and enjoyable. 

  • Varenna Varenna
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My day as a Guest Ambassador for IC Bellagio clients begins, appropriately enough, cruising on Lake Como. I commute to Bellagio by ferry every morning – one of the perks of living on the lake! – and spend the 15-minute crossing checking my trusted Blackberry for any requests that may have come in by email overnight. Then, once I arrive in the office, I respond to urgent emails or phone calls and complete my “Out of Office Log”. This document records any phone calls or requests I dealt with since I left the office the previous day, making sure the booking agents assigned to those travellers are kept up to date. Our “Planning By Day” document determines what is in store for the rest of the day. It logs arrival and departure details for our travellers and all of the excursions that are taking place across Italy on any particular day.

I might spend an hour or so making phone calls to clients, welcoming them to Italy, checking in with them mid-trip or bidding them farewell the day before they leave. Our clients really seem to appreciate this little courtesy. It reassures them that they can contact someone who speaks their language if anything goes wrong and shows them we care. For some clients, those three phone calls might be the only contact we ever have – often the case with seasoned travellers that value their independence. Others might require daily attention, ringing in to ask where to meet a guide or what time their driver will collect them. Of course, we give all our clients a detailed itinerary to bring along, but if they prefer a quick phone call, we are happy to oblige!


Lunch at IC Bellagio is a great chance to socialise with colleagues or take a walk along the lake, followed by a good, strong espresso. We’re fortunate enough to have a fantastic team of passionate travel professionals, and the chat is always lively – whether we are discussing our travellers’ itineraries or sharing our own travel experiences. Over the course of my studies in language and communications at the University of Milan, I was able to travel extensively, spending several months in Spain, Russia and Estonia, and I still love to explore the world any chance I get. My experiences abroad have taught me how important travel is to understanding other cultures and people – something I am able to use every day in my work as a Guest Ambassador. 

After all, it’s my job to make sure nothing comes between our travellers and their opportunity to experience an authentic Italy.

The afternoons are spent communicating with suppliers and booking agents for any last minute changes to a guest’s itinerary or dealing with any emergencies or issues that come up. These range, as you can imagine, from the sublime to the ridiculous! One of my favourite traveller calls is filed under ridiculous – a group of ladies rang me to inquire whether their guide for the following day was handsome. I’m assuming the call was placed after an Aperol Spritz cocktail (or two!). Of course, the calls can also be a lot more serious. We once had a client realize they left their laptop under the seat in the train from Milan to Florence. The next major stop for the high-speed Freccia Rossa was Rome, so we had only a few precious minutes to find a solution. In the end, we sent one of our trusted drivers straight to the station. He spoke with the conductor, was able to board the train and managed to recover the bag, which was – luckily! – still sitting under the seat. That one got a standing ovation from the entire office!

I clock out each day around five and head back to the ferry. Depending on the day, I might spend the ride looking up at snow-covered mountains pink in the dusk or watching raindrops bounce off the lake’s white caps. When I get home, I am greeted by my dog Yari, who can’t wait to get out for his walk. We head out, always with my Blackberry in tow, in case our travellers need to reach me. Although our Guest Ambassador services are offered around-the-clock, it is rare for a traveller to call before 8 a.m. or after 10 p.m. So, even though I am technically “always” working, I am working in one of the world’s most beautiful places and with the world’s best destination management team.

I try never take that for granted!